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Finally, world-class personality assessments to match your world-class SmartRecruiters Talent Acquisition Platform! Select International’s extensive library of employee assessments has helped some of the world’s top organizations identify, select and develop the best talent possible.

Select International has partnered with SmartRecruiters to make their SelectFIT assessments available to you. Delivering unparalleled ease of use, a positive candidate experience, and overall value, these solutions allow you to stop guessing and let the data drive your hiring decisions.

Use SelectFIT pre-screening assessments to upgrade your hiring system today. Select International’s hiring offerings in the SmartRecruiters marketplace include the following:

  • PrōFit® (professional)
  • SecureFit® (manufacturing)
  • ServiceFit®(customer service)
  • Select SalesPro® (sales positions)

Why Use SelectFIT Assessments?
These predictive, pre-employment tests are designed to screen out your highest risk applicants early on in the hiring process. SelectFIT assessments are a short, cost-effective solution to effectively help you identify and eliminate candidates considered high risk. Your results will tell you critical things, such as if the candidate:

  • Is likely to be a reliable associate
  • Will be honest and trustworthy
  • Will show up for work
  • Is a high turnover risk
  • Will follow safety policies and procedures
  • Is able to influence others

Consistently using SelectFIT assessments to help you hire all of your candidates will lead to:

  • Decreased cost to obtain the right employees the first time around
  • Reduced absenteeism and turnover
  • More accurate hiring decisions
  • Identification of high-risk candidates
  • Fewer safety incidents

Select International has been helping organizations develop hiring systems for decades. By applying the experience and research gained after conducting millions of assessments, we’ve taken the most predictive scales from our most effective assessments, and condensed them into the SelectFIT assessments – Get Started today!