Career websites created for modern recruitment teams.

The latest Next Generation no-code enterprise grade career site website builder to give you full freedom to create, design, manage and develop your web presence exactly the way you want.

No-Code Platform
Using the latest technology we can build faster and better recruitment websites

Super easy to use web editing tools, no code to build your website

Best in class job board technology, fully customisable and SEO optimised

Candidate Dashboard
A dashboard for candidates to keep track of all their activities

SEO Optimised
Best SEO compliance making it easy to deliver great results

Highly secure with all websites hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the industry’s most trusted and secure cloud-based solutions. There is no limit to bandwidth or storage.

Gated Content
Deliver more qualified leads to your business by capturing more data

Campaign Pages
Imagine being able to build campaign pages that deliver results

Clear reporting from the data you collect

Complete integrations that work for you by connecting all your data

Easy and flexible designs for your to stand out

24/7 Support
Easy to access 24/7 support that allows you to work your hours

Shazamme is a provider of cloud-based digital marketing technology platform solutions for corporate recruiters. Career Sites are at the heart of our offering. Companies trust Shazamme to help them market their jobs, brands and values.