Skilero offers all companies an innovative recruitment platform. The objective is to make it easier and quicker to identify competent and motivated profiles through recruitment MOOCs or skill tests.

How to find the ideal candidate, especially in the looming trades? Whether it is recruiting a salesperson, accountant or buyer, all HRD has already faced this problem. Skilero, a joint venture between The MOOC Agency and Talentpeople, is a brand new digital platform that offers an innovative solution: rather than passing CVs on to companies, it qualifies upstream candidates via competency tests. The aim: to offer companies only profiles that have demonstrated their motivation and skills.

Skills tests are available in various sectors, for all types of companies.

Skilero also offers skills testing on 25 areas: accounting , business , web developer , assistant manager … developed by professional experts with at least 7 years experience. They allow companies to test their candidates by inviting them to take the skills test  Or by directly accessing a database of candidates who have already passed the test.

Key Benefits

  • Choosing the right candidate according to his skills
  • Reliable testing solution created by experts in each sector
  • Detailed skills polygon for your candidates