Skillate is an advanced decision-making engine to make hiring easy, fast, and transparent. With Skillate you can easily find best fit candidates in a job opening, which is backed by AI score. Using Skillate you can

  • See the best fit candidates ranked in the decreasing order of their relevance
  • Utilize your existing central repository to find your ideal candidate
  • Pre-screening candidates by using chatbot based screening
  • Improve your JD by using Skillate JD assistant

Skillate can reduce the time to hire by more than 50% and cost per hire by more than 30%


Centralized candidate database

Skillate can help you utilize your central database better by continuously expanding your central database through a connected network of resources: job boards, emails, ATS, consultancies, referrals, career pages, etc.

Candidate Screening using Matching Engine

Use your existing database to minimize external dependencies like staffing companies, job boards. Skillate matches past candidates with the current opening on the basis of AI-backed scores.

Pre-Screening via Chatbot

The AI chatbot automatically screens the candidates for the first round. It takes responses from candidates to discover ‘information beyond resumes.’ (ex: notice period, intent to relocate, salary expectations, etc). Multiple conversations can be configured to ask different sets of questions depending on role type, industry, domain, etc.

Real-time Analytics

Be updated about the candidates progress, chatbot usage and jobs analytics through Skillate which gives you actionable insights.

Changing candidate status

Changes in Smartrecruiters and Skillate are directly in Sync with each other. Screen candidates and submit reviews in realtime and see the details available in on your Smartrecruiters instance as well.

JD Assistant

Skillate JD assistant has been trained on over 3 million JDs from various industries across the world. The JD assistant can process different formats of job descriptions to provide real-time feedback to the recruiter. The system helps in writing more robust and detailed job descriptions.

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