skillmeter_featuredSkillmeter ensures you’re hiring successfully by preselecting candidates based on their actual skills and knowledge. It helps you save time, money and avoid stress:

  • Filter candidates based on their skills & knowledge
  • Reduce hiring time by up to 50%
  • Saves time, money and nerves

Now that Skillmeter is integrated with SmartRecruiters, you can assign tests and measure the skills of your candidates directly within SmartRecruiters.

The entire process was designed to be super easy for everyone:

  • In SmartRecruiters you assign an assessment to your candidate
  • Skillmeter will send an email to the candidate with instructions on how to take the assessment – Candidate takes the assessment using any device (PC/tablet/…)
  • Upon the completion of the assessment, Skillmeter will send send the results back to SmartRecruiters so that they are accessible for the Hiring team

Accurately hire the best talent by assessing your candidates’ actual skills and knowledge with Skillmeter, Get Started Today.