SkillSurvey Reference® and the value it delivers to clients

Hire the best with trusted people analytics. SkillSurvey Reference helps clients identify the right job candidates faster and easier delivering data on the critical skills that drive success, such as professionalism, interpersonal skills, problem solving and adaptability, and leadership. Reference surveys are I/O designed for 600+ job specific roles and 11,000+ job titles, to elicit feedback from managers, co-workers and direct reports. Recruiters and Hiring Managers view this feedback through the online Candidate Feedback Report. Data visualizations with drill-downs surface patterns and trends to guide decisions. With over 2 million candidates in our system, use comparative data to see how your candidates stack up against thousands of others rated for a similar job role. Reports can be configurable per decision maker, including their preferred report sections and organizational ranges to provide guidance. SkillSurvey Reference helps to make informed and sound talent decisions based on data, not intuition.

Reduce time to hire. SkillSurvey Reference was built for the Talent Acquisition professional. Dashboards help recruiters centrally track and manage all recruitment activity, with system guides throughout. Automations and streamlined workflows speed hiring by as much as 92%. On average, clients receive an 88% reference response rate in less than 2 days.

Reduce bias and improve compliance. Gain peace of mind knowing our solution reduces bias in hiring decisions. SkillSurvey’s I/O team regularly validates that the reference feedback does not show bias. Surveys also help identify candidates’ work behaviors that promote fairness, respect, sensitivity, trustworthiness, and the like. Our solution is in conformance with the accessibility guidelines of WACG 2.1. Reference identity is kept confidential to protect both the reference and hiring company. And, we utilize web tracking technology to ensure authentic reference feedback from candidates and references.

Drive retention with proven predictive analytics. Reduce attrition during the most vulnerable period of employment – early tenure. SkillSurvey Reference Predictive Analytics are patented and have proven to reduce turnover for cause in the first year. Put your talent investment in the candidates most likely to fit and remain with your organization.

The value from a SkillSurvey Reference® and SmartRecruiters integration

SkillSurvey is pleased to partner with SmartRecruiters to deliver a seamless user experience, with a secure and private data share between solutions. Integrated clients enjoy a faster workflow, with links to take actions without having to log in to separate systems. Direct integration enables information uploads to centrally maintain candidate information in the ATS. This and other work efficiencies are purposely designed to keep the hiring process moving forward.

Learn more about SkillSurvey Reference® and our talent intelligence platform

Visit our website or speak with our Sales team to learn how SkillSurvey Reference has made the difference for clients of every size and industry, for over 20 years. We continually innovate our platform solutions (SkillSurvey Reference®, SkillSurvey Source®, and SkillSurvey Post-Hire®) to enable organizations to hire, engage, and retain the best people in this very competitive talent market.