Smart Text

We want to free recruiters from recurring and boring task so they can focus on building relationships.

  1. Increase candidate engagement and meet your goals with SmartText.
  2. Reduce your Time to Submit Successful Candidates.
  3. Text messaging is all about meeting candidates in a way that is easy for them.

How Smart Text can help you:

  • Improve candidate communication by 450% – or how to go from 20% reach to 90%.
    90% of SMS are read within the first three minutes. As a recruiter, your job is easier when your communication actually reach people.
    You’ll never want to go back to emails when you know their open rate are at only 20% on average in the HR industry.
  • Personalize and save tremendous time to your recruiters in sourcing and recruiting.
    Use our group messaging and templates feature to automate any processes where you have a lot of candidates to reach in a short time with the same content.
  • Ensure compliance automatically by filtering out candidates who have opt-out from text messaging.

By default, Smart Text handles English-language reply messages such as STOP, UNSTOP, UNSUBSCRIBE or CANCEL, in accordance with industry standards.

Any of these replies will opt customers back into the messages coming from your Smart Text number.

Either of these replies will return a message informing the customer that they can use the above commands to control the delivery of messages.

Smart Text is:


SmartText recognizes mobile phone on any websites. That means you can text candidates from their online CV, social media profile or any job boards.

We speed up the process while you are sourcing or updating candidates. Focus on assessing candidates we take care of the conversations. Reach candidates quickly and have great 1-to-1 conversations.


SmartText is a product made by Botmatic. Our expertise is automated conversations at scale. Our background is recruitment.

With SmartText you can engage candidates with personal or bulk SMS from your browser.

Track your conversations and be quicker than ever to find your next talents. Email is too slow and ineffective. Time to gear up.


SmartText is fully integrated with Smartrecruiters. Add the SmartText extension to your browser and that’s it.

You are up and running to engage your candidates from Smartrecruiters by text messaging.