sonru-logoSimplify Your Recruitment Process: Embed video interviews in the early stage of your process to accelerate screening and share with hiring team.

Sonru is the trusted global leader and pioneer of automated online video interviewing for screening candidates.

Sonru enables recruiters to replicate a live interview by replacing early-stage phone, Skype or face-to-face interviews. Recruiters and candidates are not online at the same time. Forget about scheduling interviews, time zone restrictions, no shows and unsuitable candidates. With tailored screening questions, recruiters can immediately screen out candidates that do not meet their criteria, selecting only the most suitable candidates.

Meet the best candidates earlier in the process, assess their fit, personality, drive and motivation while saving time and money.

Let’s Talk Benefits

  • 50% reduction in recruitment lifecycle and costs
  • Reduce first-round screening by 80%
  • Eliminate scheduling
  • Enhance employer branding and improve the candidate experience
  • Access a local, regional and global talent pool
  • Improve conversion rates

Key Features

  • Embed Video Interviews as a default step in your hiring process
  • Recruiter invites candidates to complete a video interview
  • Provider communicates with the candidate and they record an interview online (works on mobile and comes with a branded portal)
  • Get notified and view recorded interview result within notification feed “Hireloop notification”, as well as access candidate profile
  • Quick start with pre-loaded Video interview questions, eliminating weeks of implementation

Get started today – leverage video to accelerate early-stage screening and receive more than a resume. Provide an enhanced experience for candidates and hiring teams, while consolidating all your results within SmartRecruiters, by using Sonru!