We make sure that your candidates’ voice is heard throughout the recruitment process, and provide you with more insights, with less hassle. Starred is easy to use, and automates your workflows so you can gather data at every relevant touchpoint of your candidate’s journey. We deliver your data in industry-leading dashboards.


A smooth ride:
No need for a Dev team! Our seamless integration allows you to use our feedback solution to send out automated surveys in no time.

Improve your performance:
Deliver a better experience to your candidates, and make your hiring managers happy by understanding your CandE drivers.

Zoom in:
Starred allows you to dive deep into your feedback: we go beyond Net Promoter Score and help you identify its drivers. Inform your decision-making by filtering your dashboards by department, region, hiring manager or recruiter.

Benchmark your results:
Compare your performance to your competitors’ to give your efforts perspective.

A solution you can trust:
We’re specialized in Candidate Experience, which is why we’ve been elected as a tool of choice by world-renowned brands like Coca-Cola, Danone, VodafoneZiggo, Varsity Tutors, and Virgin.


– Trigger surveys automatically from your ATS at key touchpoints in your process and enjoy continuous experience insights, with no extra admin.

– We help you ask the right questions: pick a survey and send it right away. You can find dozens of Candidate Experience survey templates in the Starred Template Gallery.

– Send out your customized and branded messages to candidates at scale with automatic custom fields.

– Include the first question in your invite and optimize the respondent experience for high response rates.

– Once they filled the form, invite your happy candidates to custom URLs to leave an enthusiastic review.

– You can activate alerts for bad reviews so that you can follow up in real-time with our fire-fighting emails.

– Our industry-leading dashboards turn your data into actionable insights. The Starred priority matrix helps you visualize your ranked tactics.