Optimize recruitment operations by measuring and executing on the right Candidate Experience data.

The platform empowers recruitment operations by aligning internal processes and fostering teamwork. Talenthub’s data and analytics dashboard, fueled by anonymous candidate feedback, equips recruitment teams with the insights needed to make informed decisions throughout the entire recruitment process. This includes sourcing, interviewing, hiring, and pre- & onboarding.

With a team of experienced recruitment professionals assisting businesses at every step, Talenthub provides a comprehensive overview of recruitment efforts. It highlights strengths and addresses areas for improvement, offering best-practice recommendations based on industry and global benchmarks.

Highlighted features: 

Benchmark your feedback
With over 12M unique candidate answers through our platform, our customers can easily compare scores globally or by industry and stay on top of their performance.

Customizable survey flows
Match your survey flows to specific business needs. Set up conditions and triggers to tailor your surveys depending on candidate source, job type or rejection reason.

Measure your recruitment holistically
Set up automatic surveys that fit your existing recruitment flow and business needs. Start measuring Hiring Manager and Recruiter satisfaction, Pre- and Onboarding Experience, DE&I, Candidate Withdrawals, Offer Rejections, Offboarding Experience and much more.

Easily send all Talenthub data into your BI tools
Store your Talenthub data wherever you want and make it work for you.

Convenient technical support and tailored consulting
Full technical support available: from setting up the integration to ensuring you are making the most of your data.

Receive personalized guidance based on specific candidate feedback from a dedicated Candidate Experience Manager committed to optimizing the recruitment process internally and externally.

Track and optimize team performance
Collect feedback directly from those who drive the hiring efforts, create custom reports and objectives, and empower all team members to understand and contribute to exceptional Candidate Experience.