Make smarter decisions with soft skills data

Based on the powerful Talentoday analytics, the Talentoday short and full soft skills reports help you understand the personality and motivations of your candidates and employees in a matter of seconds. We provide you with data to help you make smarter and faster decisions.

With more than 3,5 millions of assessments from 160 countries in the world, Talentoday is an international People Analytics solution leveraging psychometrics in order to provide actionable insights for Talent Management professionals. Talentoday collaborates with a large and diversified range of companies all around the world, from local recruitment agencies to Fortune 500 companies, in order to solve both short-term assessments needs and long-term digital transformation projects.

The Talentoday soft skills reports help all kinds of clients to move from a gut feeling to data-driven decision making and take better HR decisions. Partnering with Smartrecruiters is a great way to make our products available for a larger range of international clients while giving them the opportunity to consolidate all they HR tools in one complete best of class HR platform.