People Analytics: Know More, Hire the Best, Manage Better with Data-Driven Decisions

Soft skills are critical to effective talent acquisition and management, as they reveal how candidates and employees collaborate, solve problems, communicate and think critically. Talentoday helps you understand critical soft skills data on candidates and employees in order to inform hiring decisions, training recommendations, promotions and workforce planning for a diverse and cohesive team.

With more than 4 million assessments from 160 countries across the world, Talentoday is a people analytics solution that leverages psychometrics to provide actionable insights for Talent Management professionals. Partnering with SmartRecruiters provides managers the opportunity to consolidate their HR tools into one complete best-of-class platform.

By leveraging the power of Talentoday’s people analytics, you can empower your decision-making processes across all areas of the talent lifecycle, including:

– Talent acquisition
– Onboarding
– Talent development
– Employee engagement
– Team collaboration and cohesion (in any context, including remote work)
– Management issues
– Internal mobility