We have a few existing customers who use SmartRecruiters and would love us see integrated. We are one of the rare providers of work-sample HTML, CSS and JavaScript assessments.We are working on expanding work-sample testing to all relevant domains, not just IT as it’s proven to be one of the most reliable predictors of job success. We believe integration would be valuable to both our current customers and SmartRecruiters customers.

If you are struggling with key problems of:

– Too many unqualified candidates.

– Time-consuming technical interviews.

– Hard to judge candidate’s skill level.

TestDome offers:

– Quick candidate screening at the moment of application.

– Longer assessments for various technical skills.

– Work-sample assessments.

What are the Key Benefits of usingĀ TestDome?

– Existing customers of TestDome and SmartRecuriters can work more efficiently.

– TestDome brings work-sample testing for growing number of positions to SmartRecruiters customers.

– Existing TestDome customers can integrate data with SmartRecruiters.