TestDome is a service that helps you screen job candidates using automated work-sample tests. We offer assessments for programming, IT, customer service, accounting, administration, andgeneral mental ability.

More than a hundred years of research in personnel selection says that work-sample tests are strongest predictor of job performance. Although it’s easy to choose samples of work that would predict the job performance the best, the main reason why this method was not widely used in practice so far is that it’s quite complicated to create short and context-free tests out of relevant samples of work. And this is exactly what we do so our clients don’t have to develop questions but can still enjoy the benefits of work-sample testing.

Work-sample testing has two important benefits:

– Saves your and you team’s time by reducing number of candidates who reach interview phase but shouldn’t (e.g. candidates good at self promotion).
– Makes finding a good candidate more probably by reducing the number of candidates who don’t reach the interview but they should (e.g. didn’t go to reputable school).

Our mission is to bring work-sample testing for every applicable position.