Hire the best.
No bias. No stress.

TestGorilla’s screening tests identify the best candidates and make hiring decisions faster, easier, and bias-free.

What you get with TestGorilla

A large Test Library with a variety of test types

Using multiple test types in an assessment gives the best predictive value, so we have a growing test library including cognitive ability tests, programming tests, software skill tests, personality tests, culture fit tests, language tests, and much more.

Start predicting real-world job performance today with our library of 120+ scientifically validated tests!

Conduct one-way video interviews

The in-person interview process is time-intensive. It requires coordinating multiple schedules and hours of conversations with candidates.

Asking questions that require a video response can save you some time by giving you some of the insight you would get during a one-on-one discussion with a candidate so that you can better determine who you want to invite for a formal interview.

Easily analyze results and decide on the best candidates.

You can watch the results of your assessments calculated in real-time to discover your strongest candidates with TestGorilla’s easy-to-read output reports.

Then you can share the assessment results of a candidate with a colleague or a client with a press of a button. The PDF is branded with your company logo and color and includes the notes and star ratings you added during your evaluation of the candidate.

Compare your candidates instantly

Review every single assessment status at a glance. You can see the stats for each assessment, including how many candidates have started or finished and when the latest activity took place.

Most importantly, you’ll see your candidates ranked right away when you click on an assessment. These scores can be compared to the benchmark scores for different groups

Eight more reasons you’ll love TestGorilla

  • Surprisingly simple. We’ve designed it so anyone can easily create assessments, add custom questions, rank candidates, export custom CSV files, and more.
  • Incredible value. We make professional assessments affordable for everyone and streamline the hiring process for any size business.
  • Positive candidate experience. No accounts are necessary for candidates taking your assessment. Utilize your logo to leave a lasting brand impression.
  • Cheating prevention. View automatic snapshots of candidates as they’re being tested. Receive alerts if a candidate exits full-screen mode.
  • Flexible file uploads. Allow candidates to upload key documents such as a CV or portfolio.
  • Stellar support. Get answers to your questions, fast. Our team is always here to help.
  • Mobile-friendly features. Optimized for all platforms. Build and review assessments on the go. Let candidates showcase their talents on any device.