Verified First

Conduct background screenings within SmartRecruiters thanks to integration by Verified First. You’ll find our browser-based tool improves your workflow so you can perform background checks on candidates quickly and easily.

We recognize that employers need much more than raw data to implement and maintain an effective employee screening program. That’s why we’ve established one of the finest customer service departments in the industry.

Our service and technical experts will help you develop a program suited to the specific needs of your business, and then provide the support you need to adapt to your changing needs moving forward.

Our Solution

  • Simplify your recruiting process with pre-employment screening from Verified First. Our seamless integration lets you order screens, send required forms, and read reports all from inside your browser.
  • Order searches for any type of position and build packages to meet your needs, from criminal searches, MVR and DOT records, to medical licenses, and much more.
  • Send Disclosure and Authorization, and Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action letters with all required information at the click of a button.
  • Manage user roles in our online portal: you have full control over who orders and accesses reports.
  • In-house compliance: our compliance is not outsourced. Negative results are reviewed and confirmed by our researchers.

Key Benefits

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Our patent-pending browser-based tool and user-friendly online portal make screening simple.
  • Integration is free. There are no setup fees and no monthly subscription fees.
  • Less data entry, faster approval process! Verified First’s integration auto-populates required form fields.
  • Verified First client care team is U.S.-based and has a 97% satisfaction rating and an average 14-second phone hold time.
  • 100% FCRA-compliant Consumer Reporting Agency.Verified First supply the necessary forms and releases required by governmental agencies to help you maintain compliance.

Want to learn more? Get Started today and you will be contacted by the Verified First & SmartRecruiters Marketplace team shortly.