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Since we first launched back in 2016, we’ve collected millions of data points and helped our customers hire for thousands of different roles from Accounting to ZPL Developers!

Our assessments help you unlock your candidates’ potential in an insightful, and engaging way, so you can make better informed hiring decisions.

Skills assessments

We offer a growing library of ready to use assessments with everything from sales to design skills, or you can customize an assessment to suit any role. Assessments test a candidate’s job-ready skills including technical, software-specific and soft skills like communication or attention to detail.
Immersive question types like coding challenges and video responses help you create real work scenarios that candidates love while letting you see how they actually do the job before you make a decision.

AI powered

Vervoe assessments are powered by AI grading to help you simplify your workflow to find the best people quickly.
To do this we use a set of algorithmic models that measure the quality of a candidate’s answer against millions of other similar responses. For example if you’re hiring a Call Centre Agent you might be looking for someone with skills like attention to detail and empathy. Our models process thousands of responses quickly looking for certain words or sentiments that reflect these values accurately. Candidates that display more of these are graded higher. Our model learns to value the things your organization values so you’ll end up with a list of candidates ranked in order of their strength for the skills you need.

Data driven decisions

Make decisions based on what matters most to you. Our assessments give you a complete candidate profile including their score for each skill plus our immersive question types let you see how they perform tasks specific to the role.

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