Improve the effectiveness of your team with data science.

Vettd helps your team get the most out of SmartRecruiters with our Intelligent Data Science™ platform. We develop custom filters and provide tailored services to help you achieve your business objectives faster. Our team of experts are here to support your efforts and help you deliver strategic value to your organization.

Features and Benefits:


Vettd collects talent data, performs analytics, and presents insights back to organizational leaders enabling better decision making. Gain a deeper understanding of your workforce and make strategic decisions with lasting positive impact.

Candidate prioritization

At times, even your qualified candidate list can be unwieldy. With Vettd, you have advanced semantic analysis reading every resume line-by-line helping you to prioritize the most relevant applicants.


Custom filters

Every position requires a unique set of qualifiers. We’re able to assemble filters to help you narrow your applicant pool and better analyze each applicant.


Talent Analyst

In order to fully understand your needs, Vettd assigns a Talent Analyst to you. Our Talent Analysts understand strategic HR and how to apply data science solutions for dramatic improvement. Get peace of mind with expert support.

Save Hours of Review Time

There’s no need to waste precious time reviewing candidates that aren’t relevant to the job you’re hiring for. Focus your attention on the ones that can do the job.


Easy to Use

Vettd exports tags to SmartRecruiters so there is no need to change your workflow. Simply filter by Vettd’s tags to drastically improve your process.


Relieves Tedious Work

Reduce the time spent on repetitive, manual resume review. We help your team focus on other parts of the hiring process.


More Confident Decisions

When selecting who to review, call, or hire, you know ahead of time that you’ve made the best possible choice.


Remove Bias

We remove both human and machine bias from the evaluation process to prevent great candidates from being overlooked.