Vettd utilizes patent-pending, intelligent analytics to review every resume your organization comes across.

Our data science engine outputs a simple letter grade which can be quickly applied within your current workflow and decision making process.

Our analysis can even highlight the portions of a resume that best display the candidates’ ability to perform the job.

.What customer problems / challenges does Vettd help overcome?

• Reviewing resumes is tedious and time-consuming
• A seasoned recruiter with specialized knowledge is required for accurate resume review
• Reviewing resumes with repeatable success is difficult
• Bias is easily introduced into the resume review process


Key Benefits

  • Save time reviewing resumes
  • Improve your time to hire
  • Gain confidence in candidate selections
  • Decrease bias typically present in resume review

Utilize the power of data science in your current workflow. Get Started today and you will be contacted by the Vettd & SmartRecruiters Marketplace team shortly.