Vpply is the leading generalist video based job board in Australia and New Zealand. Video applications allow jobseekers to showcase their personalities, strengths and passions in a 30 second clip.

Employers easily screen candidates using our technology and then ‘meet’ their future outstanding employee without so much as an interview. This shortens the recruitment cycle and allows employers to spend more time with the most promising candidates.

Vpply is presenting a unique way for jobseekers to stand out from the crowd and have an ‘interview’ before an interview has been set. Our users have come from diverse sectors, backgrounds and locations and are creating inspiring stories via 30 second application videos. Vpply aims to put humanity back in recruitment and present quality over quantity with each application receiving a complementary video.

Our aim is to disrupt the traditional text job board space and provide jobseekers tools to attract top employers with authentic and inspiring stories. The recruitment industry has awakened to the potential for video to grow a personal and company brand, turbocharge social recruiting, build diversity, showcase Employer Brand content & so much more and Vpply aims to be there every step of the way.