Clever recruitment screening that can improve retention by up to 20%. Use data-science and customisation to find the candidates who align with your company values immediately. In a nutshell, we’re about saving recruiters time and money, while providing a branded, fun candidate experience.

Reduce volumes and improve candidate experience with a Weirdly assessment:

  • Save time:: Save 30% of average enterprise recruiter time by getting to the best candidates, faster.
  • Improve retention: 10-30% better results within the first 90-180 days.
  • Robust science: Combines traditional org psych with machine learning and decades of hands-on recruiting experience.
  • Proven: Tested by over 250,000 candidates all over the world – quizzes that candidates love doing, and that get recruiters the results they need.
  • Improve candidate experience: Fun, engaging and everyone gets a response.

Use one of our off-the-shelf screening assessments, or get in touch to create a customised quiz with questions to assess candidates against your specific company values, and a design that reflects your brand.

Test for core values alignment instantly, hire for a healthy, diverse company culture.

Custom screening assessment can include:

  • Ability to put Weirdly at first stage for best-practice candidate experience.
  • Customised robust quiz development – built by our organisational psych and data team based on your company values.
  • Custom-designed skin – Bronze, Silver or Gold level. More information on request.
  • Weirdly assessment engine, reporting and SmartRecruiters integration.

Off-the-shelf screening assessments include:

  • 30-question quiz created by our in-house organisational psych and data team.
  • Application of Weirdly’s unique scoring algorithm.
  • Individual score and assessment report automatically matched and uploaded to candidate profiles in SmartRecruiters.