Weirdly combines data science, organisational psychology and decades of real-life recruiting experience to create the ultimate screening tool. Using a fun, engaging quiz (that candidates love), predict whether an applicant has theSmart Recruiters marketplace graphics-02 core attributes needed to be part of a successful, high-performing team.

Weirdly is:

  • Light: It feels fun and engaging for candidates – giving them an awesome candidate experience
  • Fast: Our screening assessment takes 10-15mins to complete on average. That means you’re getting the information you need, without candidates having to dedicate hours of their precious time.
  • Based on real science: Built by a team of cross-disciplinary experts, Weirdly combines traditional organisational psychology and psychometric expertise, with quantitative data science and decades of hands-on recruiting experience.
  • Proven: Tested by over 25,000 candidates all over the globe, Weirdly builds quizzes that candidates love doing, and that get companies the results they need.

Use one of our off-the-shelf screening quizzes, or get in touch to create your own custom quiz – tailored specifically to your own unique company culture and featuring your own branding.

Let Weirdly assess how well an applicant will complement your team and help you build a brilliant company culture. Click through to try our off-the-shelf screening assessment today. It contains:

  • 30-questions quiz created by our in-house organisational psych and data team
  • Tested questions by over 25,000 active candidates
  • Application of Weirdly’s unique scoring algorithm
  • Individual score and assessment report automatically matched and uploaded to each candidate profile in your SmartRecruiter dashboard
  • Access to the Weirdly question analysis cheat-sheet
    (so you can see exactly what each question is measuring – no phd needed!)

Find the candidates who fit and Get Started with Weirdly’s screening assessments Today!