WorkdayThe SmartRecruiters Workday Integration allows you to update candidate, job, and employee information between the two platforms through a few different methods.

  • The Workday user integration automatically updates your users in SmartRecruiters, so that when a new team member joins they have an account created for them in SmartRecruiters, and when they leave they are deactivated from the platform. Additionally, if a user changes roles, their security settings in SmartRecruiters are automatically updated.
  • SmartRecruiters is also able to bring in positions, requisitions, and job profiles as templates so that  can be your system of record for position creation and approval.
  • Core configurations sync allows all of the available choices for departments, cost centers, etc. to be the same between Workday and SmartRecruiters so that when you go to hire an employee the job information is valid in Workday.
  • The candidate hire integration allows you to seamlessly kick off the onboarding process in Workday once someone is marked as hired in SmartRecruiters. Once you move your new employee to “hired” the integration sends the candidate, job, and offer information to Workday and kicks off the hire process so you can have the final approval in Workday.

All these integrations are customized by company and available to SmartRecruiters Corporate plan clients. To start this process, login into your SmartRecruiters account and Contact Us to request more info.