Xref – Reference Checking Made Simple

In a busy talent acquisition team, switching between tools and continuously re-key candidate information can be time-consuming. Instead, you need a single, cloud-based platform to manage the end-to-end hiring process. Xref is an online candidate referencing workflow tool that allows prospective employers to professionally conduct pre-employment reference checks on suitable candidates. With operations across Australia, Canada, UK and Singapore, Xref has over a million users across 195 countries and is available across the globe.

Xref transforms reference checking to add strategic value to the hiring process while saving time and money for employers and protecting them from breaches of privacy, discrimination and reference fraud. Enjoy Xref’s multiple capabilities, including:

  • Customisable, multi-language questionnaires,

  • Bulk references: Useful for referencing multiple candidates quickly, all at once

  • End-to-end progress tracking

  • Automated reminders to candidates and reference providers

  • The highest global security standards, with ISO 27001 certification

  • Multi-region data storage to ensure your data is housed in your local region.

The Xref integration will enable SmartRecruiters to provide employers with even greater efficiency and consistency during the recruitment process while offering candidates transparency and clarity on the status of their references.

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