About Zinc:

Zinc is redefining the reference check. Offering new formulas for referencing, unlocking new data and opening up new insights. Propelling referencing from a painful part of your process to the most impressive.

Zinc’s scalable technology will facilitate unforgettable candidate journeys. With automated texts and mobile-friendly user experience, referencing has never been so smooth. Gift your candidates with blockchain-backed reference data that are reusable throughout their career.

Boost your talent acquisition suite with Zinc

  • Hassle-free references: Request the references you need and Zinc will do the rest. Automatic follow-ups and updates mean you can spend more time interviewing and less time chasing
  • Qualitative feedback: Gain in-depth insights into how your values align, including feedback on communication, team-oriented and interpersonal skills displayed in previous roles.
  • Built to scale: Zinc grows with your hiring needs, putting a consistent process in place ensuring diligence across all roles.
  • Flexible plans: Try for free, cancel, pause or change your plan at any time. We are flexible to suit your hiring needs.
  • Faster ROI on new hires: Past employer feedback enables tailored onboarding, reducing the time from new joiner to high performer.
  • Save time: Start collecting references in a couple of clicks. Receive candidate insights directly in SmartRecruiters.
  • Eliminate bias: Zinc’s custom question sets remove bias from referencing. You’ll gain deep insights into cultural fit and optimum work styles from the people who know candidates best.

How it works

Step one: Sign up for a Zinc account
If you don’t already have an account, choose from one of the sign-up options, such as Google, LinkedIn or email and password.

Step two: Request integration

Search for Zinc on the SmartRecruiters Marketplace, and click ‘Get Started’. If you’ve already had a demo, simply enter your information and add in your Zinc account manager’s contact details. Zinc will set up your account by adding your API key and notify you when the integration is complete. This should take 1-2 working days.

Step three: Customise your reference questions
In the demo, we will have taken you through the questions most suited to your business, but you can customize them further or add a new set. Simply click the green button and complete the following steps:

Decide whether you are going to reference pre- or post-offer.

Select one of the four different types of referencing we have:

  • Culture-add reference – Keep culture consistent whilst scaling
  • Remote-worker reference – Assessing remote teams requires trust
  • Competency reference – A tool to help filter the top 10% of applicants
  • Employment verification – No unnecessary paperwork, fast compliant reference.

Add a recruiter note to the question set. This will ensure the candidate gets the same message every time without having to rewrite it.

Choose how many references you’d like back.

Name your question set and click ‘finish’. You will then be able to view and edit your questions to customize your references.

Step four: request a reference
There are two ways you can collect a reference within Smart recruiters:

  • Candidate level– you can trigger a reference for each individual candidate by going to the Reference Check under Assessments on the candidate profile and selecting Zinc.
  • Account-level – you can automate your reference checks across your Smart recruiter’s account. Go to ‘Hiring Process’ under configuration settings and add the reference check step under the stage you’d like to reference your candidates.

For both the above options, Zinc will pull the candidate’s name, email, and phone number from SmartRecruiters, and contact them via email and text to start the referencing process.

Remember to let your candidate know that Zinc is your referencing provider and to look out for an email from us.

Step five: Let Zinc work
Zinc will contact your candidate via email and text to ask for the contact details of their referees. The candidate is asked to digitally consent to the references being collected. We then contact the referees and ask them to complete the questions you have chosen. We send automated reminders to ensure that you get your references in good time.

Step six: view reference insights
You can view the current status of the references for each candidate under Assessments. If you want to see a more detailed summary, this is available in the activity feed. We will also notify you via email when an individual reference has been completed.

Learn more at https://zinc.work or click the ‘Get started’ button and someone from the team will be in touch to give you a personalized demo.